Want to Double Your Video Quality without Dropping Your Entire Paycheck on Gear?

YOU: Argh!!!! Why does my footage look...urgh, I don't want to say it but...kinda lame?

ME: Because you don't know what you don't know.

YOU: That's annoying. Just tell me how to fix it!

ME: Done dealio. Watch the videos already!

Watch the 7-part videos series with the secrets to capturing footage that doesn't suck. One hour of your life will save you thousands of $$$.

Friend, it's time to make videos that you actually want to share.

What does it take to make incredible videos with starter filmmaking gear?

You'll learn:
  • the two times of day that take ugly images and make them beautiful
  • the number one thing pros are obsessed with and how you can use it to make better films
  • the foolproof way to frame a shot
  • how to capture and keep your viewers’ attention
  • the one thing George Lucas does that you should too

Why learn from me? I've been making films as a solo filmmaker since 2014. I'm a full-time creative, and I run business making solo films for brands. I've made tons of mistakes, and I'm here to help you not make all of them as well! I'm Colette, nice ta meetcha!

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