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One of the BIGGEST mistakes many creatives make (which results in less money in the bank) is pricing that's confusing, off-putting, or just plain wrong.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • Why it's NEVER about price
  • How to charge more without freaking out
  • The KEY to selling without selling
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You'll also get two extra freebies: the Going Pro Video Guide and the Don't F**k Up Your Website Guide.

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    Friend, you can usub any time, no hard feelings. I get it!

    If we haven't met...I'm Colette! Nice to meet ya! I'm a story strategist, solo filmmaker, and self-employed creative. My goal is to help more creatives like you struggle less and see better results in your business. See you on the inside!


    Colette Nichol, Story Envelope Media

    Vancouver, Canada

    What you get:

    • 7 Pricing Secrets Every Creative Should Know
    • Going Pro Video Guide
    • Website Basics: A Quickie Guide to Not F**king Up Your Website
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